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He tried quitting for a month and experienced some pretty extreme side effects.

His palms would get super sweaty, and he wouldnt be able to sleep. It didnt last, he couldnt handle it and went back to smoking pot every day like he had for the past four years. I broke up with him several months ago, and now I have had no contact with him for 3 weeks just because it hurt me so much to be in contact with him.

He had strained relationships with his family members and his friends because he would just literally disappear for days on end.

His good friends would just kind of accept that he was like that.

Until slowly I began noticing his pot habit, which at first I considered harmless and just a habit, but it was definitely a full-blown addiction.

Everything was happy and cheery in the dating stage, but I had no idea the extent to which he smoked pot.He would smoke when he needed to study, when he was stressed out, or basically whenever he felt any high or low in emotions. He is a very intelligent guy with a good heart, and I just found it so depressing that he didnt want to deal with life and all its high and lows on his own.His emotions were like a roller coaster, moody and anxious one day to completely indifferent the next.I thought, okay, whatever floats his boat, but then I had a horrible time with him at the beach.From the morning that we left, his friends were driving atleast, he was eating brownies and he was just waaaay out there, completely stoned, and completely indifferent towards my presence.And in The only thing more important than how much bae is spending on you this year is: how much does what you’re spending on them stack up against everyone else’s gift plans?

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