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To watch, go to You Tube and type in Single Mom A Go Go. Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, The Young and the Restless, Christian J.

So, men love it and teenagers love it and people who are out in the dating scene love it, so all types of ages love it and that’s been really great because it’s not just for a mom.” Expect new installments every two weeks.And since that point, literally scene after scene, you were just lying in a hospital bed … MICHAEL: But having Phyllis exit this way provided a secret for the other characters, and kept story going, so you can see why Y&R chose to do something like that. It provides more story for the people remaining on the show, and that’s true.Also, it also provided no one knowing about what really happened …. Sharon was looking through the window and Phyllis freaked out and then that was it … (Laughs) MICHAEL: How was you last day at MICHELLE: I was nervous.“Well I learned that you have to let your guests talk,” she cracks.“I didn’t let Nadia get a word in, but it gets better as they go along. I can kind of tell as we’re talking what’s a bad subject to do with them and what would be a good subject.I have an emotional tie to the fans though, but not to the character, because I am an actress, and I want to play a bunch of different things. At on the posts concerning your exit, many have written such touching words, and many telling you how sad they are that you have left the show. And if you were really a fan of that character, it would be really upsetting.

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