Security group membership not updating


The 0x3e7 is an identifier which always points to the computer account logon session.

Using from the Sysinternals tools, you can actually try to find out id’s for other active sessions.

Don't want to have to go through these steps again... You MAY be able to use RUNAS to start a command prompt with a new session and specify your same account name again... but I'd be running most (if not all) things that need special permissions as services and/or under service accounts.

NET Windows Authentication and relies on a user's group membership to Authorize them to various areas of the website.

The Last Identity Changed timestamp will tell you the last time that a user was added to the system - either directly or through synchronization with AD. the Identity Update Period key needs to be added to the services\web.config file.

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I have tried/checked the following: Some AD groups do update correctly after an hour or so but just not the team groups.A partial synchronization will occur when you add an Active Directory group to a Team Foundation Server group.Only the Active Directory group and its subgroups and members will be synchronized with Team Foundation Server.I know your dev machine right now from the description doesn't have that access but it sounded like you mean when you deploy it you need this functionality. In normal situations I'm more than happy waiting until the user receives updated access control, even if it means they need to log off and log in to their machine again.If you rely on the token, you'll have to log off and back in. It's only the test scenario where this can be a burden but it's really not that big of a deal.You could use this to get the session id of a service account, and then retrieve it’s current Kerberos tickets. Besides using logonsessions.exe, you can also try to find these IDs in the security event log.

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