Sony clie and updating palm os

While the music player works as advertised, the Sonic Stage software that Sony provides for moving tunes to and from the CLIE is a disaster.Fortunately, Memory Stick Import/Export, another bundled application, makes the NR70V appear as a hard drive on your PC's desktop.

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It slips easily into a jacket pocket but will weigh down your shirt pocket.

These applications let you view and edit Word, Excel, and Power Point files on your CLIE, then transfer them between your desktop and your handheld.

Artsy types may prefer to snap images and edit them on their NR70V.

So count on buying a large Memory Stick to store your videos, photos, and MP3s.

Yes, that's right--the NR70V also has a built-in audio player.

There's also a Memory Stick slot for adding additional memory and accessories.

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