Updating gridview data


How to make it such a way that it refreshes by it's own whenever I insert,delete or update anything from my datasource.

P.s: Data Bind() method is not working simply follow the following steps: 1. Second one put a button control on to webpage or webpage 3.

The default Command Field arrangement is such that the Edit, Update and Cancel buttons are displayed in a column as shown below: The problem with this design is that the Grid View edit column always occupies some screen real estate.

Additionally in the edit mode the Grid View expands horizontally disturbing the page layout.

The __do Post Back() call of the Update button passes the first parameter as the control's unique ID.

The __do Post Back() of the Cancel button is quite similar to Edit button except that instead of Edit the command name used is Cancel.

Suppose we’ve to work on Customer table having Category ID as foreign key.

Next Select your database and Set “Save Entity connection string in Web.config as” option true giving name Sample Entities.

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There are two buttons at the top - Update and Cancel - that are common for all the rows of the Grid View.The easiest way to do so is to handle Row Data Bound event of the Grid View control as shown below: The Row Data Bound event is raised for each and every row of the Grid View while it is being data bound with the underlying data source. The Edit, Update and Cancel buttons are displayed only for grid rows of type Data Row.Rad Grid View can display data in bound mode, unbound mode and virtual mode. Grid View Row Cancel Event Args) Handles Rad Grid View1. Add(data Row View) End If Next i End Sub Private Sub rad Grid View1_User Deleted Row(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Telerik. NET by handling the events of Kettic Grid View or the Binding Source. In this example, we are going through the way of updating database while end users modifying the current row to Grid View control.The following are the demonstrations that show how to update data base with ADO. We are going to use the Binding Source Changed Current Item event to commit the data to the database and an additional member to save the last edited row instance.In order to implement this trick you need to understand how the Grid View control updates its data.

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