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One obvious myth about Vietnam War which we hear quite often from the US side is that: the US won every single battle but lost the war. In a certain sense it’s true, because the USA never lost a huge battle like Dien Bien Phu or Stalingrad in Vietnam.

More details can be found here: , despite heavy American artillery and air support. Losses among the 24 American soldiers were 7 KIA, 3 POWs, and 11 wounded.

They found it dug into fortifications around Hill 50.

Their and the Marines fell back, but were surprised when the NVA counterattacked.

In fact, there were more than once the US suffered the loss.

Of course, media and politicians never wanted to show them in front of American public (you know why).

The base was 19 helicopters and damaged 35 (11 of them severely).

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